Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Creams, and the Answers

While getting actually better with the age oozes out the feel-good hormones in our body, we also do understand the pesky changes our skin has gone through all the passing years. It goes difficult to spot the exact hour of need to incorporating anti-ageing products into the regimen. We spoke to experts and we researched heavy just in to get you a scoop on best anti-ageing wrinkle creams.

Q: What is the age you should start introducing anti-ageing wrinkle creams to your skincare regimen?

A: Sunblock is one ideal “anti-ageing” product. It calls for an application, regularly, as young as possible. Individuals with dry skin need to introduce a daily moisturizer, serum and an eye cream in their early 20s. If the skin is oily, the individual could introduce the traditional anti-ageing products in their 30s. However, the most likely products to be used by people with oily skin types could be retinol products so as to fight acne breakouts.

Q: What are the key ingredients one should look for in an anti-ageing products to fight wrinkles?

A: The key products to look for in an anti-ageing are hyaluronic acid, retinol, resveratrol, plant-based stem cells and glycolic acid.

Q: I use different formulas for the morning and the night skincare regimen. Would it happen beneficial?

A: Our skin is unaware about what hour of the day it is. And so, the clear sense behind a day and a night regimen is that the night regimen doesn’t have a pressure to coping up with makeup over the top of it and it, in that case, could be a thicker consistency / formula. However, a day cream is typically light-weight with a very minimum of ‘corrective’ properties.


Q: Would you recommend any treatment to address wrinkles and other signs of ageing? If yes, what would they be?

A. Yes, one may go on with derma treatments to combat wrinkles and other signs of skin-ageing. The key to battle any sign of skin-ageing is stimulating collagen production. For the neophytes, microneedling, IPL, or chemical peels is a way to go. The three are a low downtime and generally affordable treatments peformed in three to six sittings. For the individuals who call for a rigorous anti-ageing treatment, laser resurfacing treatments such as Pixel Erbium Laser and Fraxel are ideal. These two treatments works on a deeper level, thus, correcting the skin tone, the texture and the sun damage at an aggressive level.

Q: Do you have any dermatologist preferred anti-ageing wrinkle creams to recommend?

A. Dermatologist would always recommend using a product with retinol for the bedtime while the ones consisting peptide serums are ideal for the day. It is always ideal to opt for a medical-grade skincare products than the department store brands. The top picks are Skin Medica, DefenAge, and Dr. Obaji

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