DIY treatment

If those pesky blackheads have become your *clingy comrades*, do away with them instantly with this DIY treatment. No more painful popping and squeezing! This DIY treatment is a boon that LITERALLY squeezes your blackheads instantly and painlessly. Boo-yaa!


Yeast (the brewers or the baker’s yeast, both works well. However, we would recommend the Brewers yeast.)

Coconut Milk (or you can also go for any other milk – cow, goat, almond, cashew, or soy. Also, You can substitute milk with WATER. Coconut milk, nevertheless, deep nourishes and hydrates your skin.)



  1. Mix the two ingredients to form a paste.
  2. Apply the mix to your nose. Also, you can apply this incredible mask all over your face!
  3. Leave the mask on to dry out completely.
  4. When dry, wash it off using a lukewarm water in gentle circular motions.

PS: You can *literally* feel your blackheads popping out!


No blackheads. Voila!

The skin is so soft and smooth as the butter. This DIY treatment is not a rescue key just to the blackheads; but also it’s a natural mask for skin brightening, skin tightening, hydrating and nourishing, anti-ageing, and anti-acne!


Do this DIY treatment as often as possible. Perhaps 1 to 2 times a week for incredible results.

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YEAST is enriched with amazing natural benefits; and that makes it a key component in a LOT of expensive skin care products from SKII to REN, and et cetera. Yeast is abundant in the amino acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. This makes it work wonder by smoothing and softening your skin for it to get rid of blackheads, easily! This rich ingredient also helps in skin brightening and hydrating. If you’ve wrinkles, apply this DIY mask to the whole of your face for visibly tighter and firm skin.

COCONUT MILK is anti-bacterial, and so it’s an incredible ingredient that makes it sure to keep the blackheads at bay, down the line. Also, the coconut milk is hydrating enough to soften your blackheads (so you get rid of them painlessly) and, sooth your skin.

DISCLAIMER: With any beauty regimen, it is always suggested to go for a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone has a different skin type and sensitivities. And so, the results can vary from person to person. We can not vouch for any substitute ingredients. This article is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not crafted or intended to constitute any medical advice. Please discontinue usage if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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