15 Bizarre Things to Buy For Absolutely No Reason

Quirky Things

We both, the girls as well as the men, truly understand that there’s perhaps no therapy like retail therapy. There’s some deep inner gratification about getting your eyes stuck on a product, drool over it, fall in love and, and what? And, take it home with you. Ah! The heavens. Nevertheless, there too comes the time when we get into a dilemma of an urge to shop while with an absolutely no reason. Here goes 15 bizarre things you can buy when arises such a time!

1. Go Indigo!

Quirky Things

If your wardrobe is missing out on an indigo kurta, this A-line dress weaved in a denim fabric is the pick for you! Team it up with contrast coloured stilettos or the pumps together with the flashy accessories, and it will draw forth all the eyes on you.
Price: Rs 1,099. Add it to your wishlist

2. The Comfy Tank Tops:

Quirky Things

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet an uptown look, the tank top is the trend you need to get in, now! That’s a reason enough for you to shop. Bada bing! You’re rolling in style.
Price: Rs 199. Add it to your wishlist

3. This Lacy Sassy Nightwear Lingerie:

Bizarre things

How about this lacy, halter-neck with a ruffled skirt-like body hugging baby to make you feel sexy? And then, this with a g-string. Oh-boy! Is that a reason enough to shop? Get in this nightwear lingerie on your weekdays, and there’s no way you can feel down.
Price: Rs 299. Add it to your wishlist

4. The Seductresses Scarlet Break:

Quirky Things

A strong scarlet lip like that of an evil seductress – doesn’t this make you shop? Huh! We don’t know what will.
Price: Rs 2762. Add it to your wishlist


5. A Pair of Furry Mule Slipper!

Quirky Things

Sliding in a regular slipper when chilling at home is old school. Get your hands on this offbeat pair of slippers and, whoa! Here you get a perfect lazy Sunday foot selfies. Chuckles.
Price: Rs 1,490. Add it to your wishlist

6. A Patterned Bath Rug:

Quirky Things

Bring home this bath rug and add to your bathroom appeals so it breaks the monotony like never before. Also, you can place it alongside your bed. Either the way you use the rug, it will buck up your home!
Price: Rs 239. Add it to your wishlist

7. Enliven the Monotony:

Quirky Things

Juice up your kitchen with this wall sticker so it can perk you up from the morning tea to the remainder of your monotonous day!
Price: Rs 165. Add it to your wishlist

Quirky Things

8. Brighten Up With the Minimalist:

Colorful abstracts can surely bring up fresh perspective to the ho-hum areas of your home. Do the trick with this set of 5 cushion covers.
Price: Rs 699. Add it to your wishlist

Quirky Things

9. A Set Of Spaghetti Top and Striped Shorts:

When the temperature soars outside, shorts becomes our bestie for they are one of the most preferred alternative to jeans. These striped shorts will surely beat the heat away while making you stand out!
Price: Rs 699. Add it to your wishlist

10. Comfy Slip Ons!

Quirky Things

Slip-ons are the most comfortable footwear after our good old sport shoes. And the best part about them, you can glide in and out of them with all the ease. And what? They look wondrous!
Price: Rs 2519. Add it to your wishlist

11. The Boho Princess Within:

Quirky Things

Give a bear hug to the Bohemian princess that’s fluttering life within you. Grab your hands on this floral crown hairband and rekindle your spark with all the flower power.
Price: Rs 610. Add it to your wishlist

12. Bag It Up in Style:

Quirky Things

Carrying your heart on your sleeves? Grow old over it, for it’s the time you carry it in your bags! Plan an outing with your bae, and carry the style perfectly.
Price: Rs 1,400. Add it to your wishlist

13. The Emoji Hookup:

Quirky Things

Emojis could be cute, and a super funky add-on to your bedroom. Who wouldn’t want these super fun additions in their life?
Price: Rs 258. Add it to your wishlist

14. The Hot Lips Travel Pouch:

Quirky Things

Are you foodie? Also, you do love exploring and traveling. Don’t you? So, here you have – a swanky travel pouch that’s indeed a perfect fit to your taste! The next time you gear up your travel plans, make use of this travel pouch to store your makeup essentials, or the toiletries.
Price: Rs 315. Add it to your wishlist

15. A Casual Shirt:

Quirky Things

Get your desi vibe on point with this printed shirt. Club it with a pair of shorts or jeans to play the fashion game right.
Price: Rs 399. Add it to your wishlist

So, there you have, 15 quirky reasons to never bow out on shopping!

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