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Regenta Central
“Good food is all the sweeter when shared with family while a good place has to be cherry on the top.”

Date: Sunday, 06th May 2018
Venue: Regenta Central The Crystal
Time: 04:00 PM

This fine dine restaurant, Regenta Central The Crystal, has an amazing ambience with a royal-looking interior. Locating at the Benjhaver road in Harsh Nagar, Kanpur – the Regenta Central serves with best of their sumptuous food as well as the hospitality. We had landed up to this place on Sunday for a Luncheon. It gave us a perfectly wonderful experience. We would recommend anyone to visit this place for their lunch date with their crazy teetotaler partner.

Here, we savoured 4 items – Virgin Sangria, Pesto Harissa Mushroom, Penne /Macaroni Alfredo with White Cheese Sauce and Awadhi Murgh Biryani.


Kanpur food
Virgin Sangria at Regenta Central

My favorite part about Sangria, the spanish punch, has not to be the wine or spirits; it has to be the flamboyant assortment of fruits that gets scooped into each glass. It is just so refreshing to sip and munch on a sunny day. I developed this non-alcoholic version with my teetotaler partner, and realized that I love this as much as the real thing.

This mocktail has to be a combination of black tea and pomegranate juice, which makes an approximate balance with the sweetness, acidity and tannins of red wine. It is a beautiful substitute to red wine in both the ways – flavour and colour. However, caffeine no doubt has got a more stimulating effect than wine.

In this mocktail by Regenta, I could also figure out a little tang of the fresh orange juice together with a subtle spiced-up flavor of cinnamon.

Lightly carbonated before serving, the drink was a punch apt for young as well the old, drinkers or non-drinkers, mealtimes or the parties.

Price: INR 300
HaleandBelle Star Rating: 4.5 on 5


Kanpur food
Penne / Macaroni Alfredo with White Cheese Sauce

If there’s one thing in the World that I love and needs a mention – it has to be the creamy, cheesy Penne / Macaroni Alfredo with White Cheese Sauce. And this, when baked with perfection gets you a brownie point. Five stars to the Regenta Central for this delectable Primi Piatti.

Price: INR 525
HaleandBelle Star Rating: 5 on 5


Kanpur food
Pesto Harissa Mushroom

The cilantro harissa paste and garlic been blended together in a perfect proportions for a perfect pesto which then is tossed in with the button mushrooms for a lush appetizer – PESTO HARISSA mushroom. A must try it is!

Price: INR 450.
HaleandBelle Star Rating: 4 on 5

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Kanpur Food
Awadhi Murgh Biryani

This chicken biryani must have been prepared closely guarded awadhi spices; delectable it was. Regenta has their Awadhi Murgh Biryani in subtle flavors. And so, if you prefer a biryani blessed with real strong flavors and aroma, this has not to be your choice.
The biryani here is served with the burani raita – an ideal companion to savour your biryani.

Price: INR 750
HaleandBelle Star Rating – 3.5 on 5

Dining on table 10 and been served nicely by the staff with a good food – we would recommend anyone who’s on a lookout to a royal dining to visit this place.

Excellent in ambience, amazing in food, and good in hospitality.

Hale and Belle Star Rating to the Overall Experience : 4.5 on 5

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