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Color Correct 101: Color Correction Cheat Sheet

Color Correction

Add one concealer to your makeup arsenal, and you’re good to go for a flawless base, right? Bam! You’re all wrong. Concealer is surely a life saver when imperfections look for a coverage. However, it doesn’t really help cut them all. If one’s got dark circles or blemishes, they may need an extra. This is where color correction comes into play – and for all the good things.

The pastel-hued concealers and color correcting primers are the key to a flawless base. While it seems crazy enough to have applied all the rainbow hues on the face; there’s a trick behind this madness – the color wheel! The color wheel simply leads us to the best color correction with the complementary color schemes. Keep reading this color correcting guide to get the scoop on color correction and how to do a flawless base.

Color Correction
Color Wheel


Color correction is the key to creating a flawless makeup base via a slew of rainbow hues, `and a must-know makeup technique. Let’s slide a little back in time and reminisce the theory on color wheel taught in the art class – the colors on the opposite would null-and-void each other. The same theory would apply to color correcting in makeup as well. Figure out precisely the color of imperfection that needs to be disguised, visualize the color wheel and pick the color corrector in a shade that would null-and-void the hue of that imperfection. Alternatively, you can hop and pin this article to study the color correction chart for guidance.


If different shades of color correction primer gets you all of a doodah, allow us to decode the trick.


Dark circles have a bluish undertone. And to null-and-void the blues, peach and orange family comes to the rescue. If you have a fair-to-light skin tone, you need peach. You need bisque (the typical shade of concealer) if you have a light-to-medium skin tone. And, if you’ve a dark skin tone, you require the orange color corrector.


To perfectly camouflage the dark circles, dot the yellow corrector along the edges of the dark circles beneath the eyes to create an upside-down triangle shape. And then, dab outward and downward to blend it out. While blending, you should be using a damp blender. Ideally, you can also put your fingertips to use for blending since the warmth that it generates helps the products settle appropriately into the skin. Voila! Bidding adieu to the dark circles and tired eyes in a single swipe!

For a full coverage makeup, don’t restrict the application to the triangle beneath eyes. Instead, blend and spread out the product from the inner corners to the corners of nose as well as the cheekbones.


Skin discolorations like hyperpigmentation takes the undertone of the purples and the blues. Hence, you need a yellow corrector primer to counteract the discolorations on your cheeks, chin, or forehead, or it could be the spots anywhere else on the face that you need to camouflage.

Please take a note – little goes a long way. Therefore, use modestly. Also, please note that you need yellow corrector for hyperpigmentation if you have a fair to light skin tone. However, if you’re medium to dark skin tone, reach for an orange corrector to camouflage the pigmentation.


Skin conditions like blemishes, blotchiness, rosacea takes the appearance of reddish hue/ or they have the reddish undertone. And, to cancel out that redness, you need green color corrector.


Dot on the green corrector on the areas affected with redness – the apples of the cheeks, chin, the corners of the nose, or other troubled areas like acne spots, rosacea et cetera. Blend the corrector with light tapping motions using your fingertips or beauty blender. If you see a green tinted residue, it is okay and it will blend seamlessly with liquid foundation or powder.


A dull and sallow skin appears yellowish or brown in color. To camouflage the yellows and the browns, you pick the color sitting opposite to them on the color wheel i.e. the purple. You can simply apply your purple color corrector wherever you feel your skin could absorb an added radiance.


If you have a thin and fair skin tone with visible veins on the lids or under the eyes, reach for yellow corrector. For broken facial capillaries, reach for yellow corrector if they’re red in colour. If the capillaries are more in red, you should reach for green corrector instead.


Apply the yellow corrector on the middle of your eyelids. Proceed by blending the product with the warmth of your fingertips. Dot the corrector on the inner and the outer corners of eyes, proceeding to the lowest point of the dark circles, forming an inverted triangle. Blend the product from the lash line and move down towards the apple of your cheeks. To camouflage broken capillaries anywhere on your skin (cheeks, the sides of nose, chin, or elsewhere); simply dot and blend the product on the affected area, moderately.


Skin paleness is not any undertone. You can quickly color correct your paleness, thus, bringing back your skin tone to life with a purple corrector. A purple corrector helps you camouflage acne scars and yellow-tinted discoloration. Also, it’s not only for a troubled skin. You can use this color corrector all over your face to achieve a radiant and glowing skin.


Since a lilac or purple pigment is primarily used to camouflage paleness and enhance the skin tone, apply it evenly all over the face and blend outwards using a damp blender/sponge.


Color Correction
Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer

Before you give a shot to color-correction. it calls you to find the right color correcting primer!

The Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primers comes in five variants / color-correction shades, addressing all skin types, and camouflaging all skin concerns – the appearance of everything from dark circles to blemishes, and from acne spots to skin discoloration.


Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer Green

  • Covers redness and neutralizes the skin tone
  • Cuts down the appearance of fine lines and blemishes
  • Gives a seamless finish
  • Best for rosacea and acne-prone skin
  • Target Areas: T-zone & cheeks

Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer Orange

  • Camouflages pigmentation and neutralizes the skin tone
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark spots
  • Reveals a brighter-looking skin
  • It is ideal for medium to deep skin tone
  • Target Areas: Dark Spots, under eyes

Kay Beauty Color CorrectingPrimerYellow

  • Camouflages dullness and neutralizes the skin tone
  • Conceals the appearance of blue-purple colored veins beneath the surface, specially around the eyes
  • Best for light skin tone.
  • It adds a highlighting effect to the deep skin tone
  • Target Areas: Chin, under eye, forehead

Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer Purple

  • Conceals paleness and neutralizes the skin tone
  • Minimizes the yellow undertone and paleness, thus, making it significantly brighter and radiant
  • Best for skin with yellow undertone
  • Target Areas: Cheeks, chin, forehead

Kay Beauty Color CorrectingPrimerPeach

  • Conceals uneven skin tone and neutralizes the skin
  • Camouflages the dark spots or age spots caused by the sun exposure
  • It is ideal for light to medium skin tone


Care Ingredients:

Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer is packed with the goodness of Avocado Butter and Mango Butter.


It helps hydrate the skin while minimizing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.


It helps brighten the skin while providing deep moisturization, leaving it soft and supple

Formula Features and Benefits

  • 100% Silicon-Free
  • Minimizes pores
  • Non-pore clogging
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Allows the Care Ingredients to penetrate & nourish the skin
  • Allows breathable makeup

Color Correction

  • Blurs the visibility of all skin troubles
  • Redness
  • Acne
  • Blemishes
  • Dark Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dullness & paleness
  • Use of less layering & products on top
  • Streak-free and seamless base

Water-Based Formula with High Hydration

  • For all skin types
  • Non-oily
  • Non-greasy
  • Lightweight & airy
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Feels more natural on the skin

Mask-proof Makeup

  • Lightweight formula
  • Gives Seamless Coverage
  • Does not smudge your makeup
  • Extends the makeup longevity
  • Sets and fixes makeup base perfectly
  • No Transfer

Infused with light-diffusing technology

  • Instantly camouflages the appearance of large pores and fine lines
  • Supports an illuminated finish for a healthy and glowing complexion
  • Covers spots, blemishes, dark circles
  • Provides an even and luminous finish to the base
  • Gives a perfect camera-friendly finish
  • Builds a High Definition Makeup Base


Five variants for all skin concerns and skin types

Product Swatch:

Kay Beauty Color Corrector Primer | Product Swatch

Product Claims:

Paraben-Free, Silicon-Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraffin Free, Mineral Oil-Free




The pro-tip to make the most out of the color correcting primers –

  • Use the product modestly when applying to the targeted areas, building as you go. Ascertain that you blend the colors well and follow up with the regular concealer or foundation.
  • Pick the right corrector and it will help you camouflage all the traces of troubled skin. A little goes a long way in achieving a flawless base for your perfect red carpet makeup looks. Place your trust in the color wheel to get a thorough knack of the right corrector that’s needed.
  • Please ensure that you’re gentle enough while applying the corrector. If you’re facing breakouts, do apply a moisturizer or soothing balm before applying the corrector primer. And yes! the beauty buffs knows that sunscreens aren’t to be missed out!
This is a sponsored post for Kay Beauty Color Correcting Primer

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