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Bohemian Scarf Bun
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Bohemian Scarf Bun – A Perfectly Imperfect Hairstyle to Rock the Summers

This easy breezy every day hairstyle is, literally, custom-made for the hot summers. Read out this step-by-step guide and rock your summers with this bohemian scarf bun – one of the most popular hairdo that’s so trendy this summer. Just get your hands on your favorite scarf / head wrap / bandana with some pretty …


10 Moments of Life when Every Girl Wants Her Bestie Around and No One Else

At one or the other point in time, we find ourselves been stuck in the muck. And that’s the moment when we fish for our bestie to snug as bug in a rug; share all the embarrassments, our joy, and our disappointments. After all, who in the World can get us the way like our …