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13 Ways to Use the Healing Power of the Wintergreen Essential Oil

Recently, the wintergreen essential oil has been surfacing a lot on the internet with its amazing benefits. This wintergreen plant is liked by many for its sweet and minty flavor; this is why the plant cropped up its debut as the organic wintergreen mints in the first place. However, the mouth freshening powers of this …

benefits of eating dark chocolate
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5 Healthful Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Sweets are often considered the culprits to health – they are no doubt a way to the unhealthy and ill world of obesity and diabetes to name a few. However, there’s yet another smart way to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings without these added nasties from sugar. Here goes five healthful benefits of eating dark …

morning habits
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5 Morning Habits that are Leading Your Body To Gain Weight

You have cut off junk food and candies from your diet since long. Also you workout everyday and give up your utmost dedication to the fitness programme to shed weight. Psst! Those stubborn extra kilograms seem to cling your body with all their love. Right? But wait! Did you ever try discerning your usual morning …

drinking water

5 Reasons to Treat Drinking Water with Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is a black residue that comes from a burnt piece of plant or a tree. This charcoal, when heated up, gets activated with its’ absorptive powers of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals – and this is the product – that we commonly know as the Activated Charcoal. Since centuries, activated charcoal has been serving …

chapped lips

6 Easy Measures to Prevent Chapped Lips

The ideal measure to avert chapped lips is to stay clear of factors responsible to them. Nonetheless, those factors prevail from all around : cold weather, sun exposure, dry air so as does the dehydration, nasal allergies, breathing via mouth, and certain medications like acne drugs – it all makes your lips go dry, lose …

Toned Thighs

7 Reasons to Why You Don’t Own Toned Thighs Despite all the Workouts

You’ve done squats, you’ve also done countless leg extensions. You’ve left no stone unturned for those dynamite toned thighs. But no matter how hard you try, and how much you sweat, it is near to impossible to firm up those flabby thighs. Reason? Unfortunately, it could be in your genetics. Research shows that it is …


7-Day Diet Plan for a Flat Belly | Weight-Loss Tip

Having a lifestyle wide of the mark with malign eating habits, lack of exercise and high stress levels contributes to a flabby tummy. The wider your abdomen goes, higher goes the health related risks. And, the way to getting rid of the abdominal fat comes with no shortcuts. A combination of proper healthy diet with …