9 Keys To Rescue Hair Dryness

hair dryness

Somewhere between the struggle to get gorgeous hair, the use of hot tools and various hair styling products strips down all the moisture. And also, the ageing factor adds up to making our dry hair disposed to getting even more fragile and coarse. Check out these 9 keys to rescue hair dryness:

1. Check Ingredient Label:

Dry and brittle hair is prone to getting shriveled and so, there lies the key to fixing on a product that could breathe into your manes the much needed moisture. For this, you would want a product that is formulated with ingredients like Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, and Coconut Oil.

2. Ingredients You Should Shake and Bake:

Expert hair stylist suggests there are three ingredients that one would want to avoid if you want to rescue hair dryness: Silicone’s, Sulfate’s, and Alcohol. Silicone’s bring off a stumbling block on your tress that, then, chokes them to brittleness; while Sulfate and Alcohol basically dry your hair up. So, next time before you buy your shampoo, make sure you check the label for these three ingredients.

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3. Slash Your Head Bathe Routine:

Washing your hair daily could chip off the moisture. Nod a big NO to this practice. You should instead shampoo your hair on every alternate day. This helps in maintaining the natural oil in your hair. If the oil hits upon your scalp on a day scheduled for a soiree, you could lift your hair strands and spray on it some dry shampoo. This will bring your locks to life without undergoing the traditional procedure to washing-the-moisture-off hair.

4. Shampoo Your Hair Strategically:

Because all your hair oils are concentrated at the roots, you should shampoo right there instead of lathering up all over your manes. Contradictory to this is the strategy to applying conditioner, satiating the thirsty ends while abstaining from the scalp.

5. Pamper Your Tress:

Apply the deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week. This will fetch you soften and silken locks, while locking up the moisture to them. Apply the conditioner to your hair and comb them for an even distribution put your tresses up in a bun for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing.

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6) Buffer from the Catastrophic Elements:

Both the Sun and the heat styling tools can slurp all the moisture from your already dry hair, thus, leaving them drier like hay. Stay away from them, if you really want to rescue hair dryness!

7) When Geared up With the Heat Styling Tools, Make a Rush:

Do not totter in one section of your manes for a long time. This way, your hair out on a limb can parch. “One or two rounds of a hair straightening tool or a blow drier are enough already. Anything beyond this would be a catastrophe or a torture to your hair.”, says experts.

8. Give a Breathing Spell to Your Hair:

Why use hot blow driers or other heat styling tools all the time when you have got all the good time to get your hair dried up naturally? Also, occasionally you can set up your hair into a graceful bun or an aesthetic braid.

9. Screen Your Hair When You Get Them Colored:

When you get your hair colored, the cuticles are opened. This makes them more vulnerable to getting damaged. Taking up the in-salon conditioning treatment immediately infuses your cuticles with all the much needed moisture, thus, repairing them. “To keep your hair healthy and lustrous post-treatment, make use of color-safe and moisturizing products at home.”, recommends hair stylists and experts.

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