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Kimiya Tungekar is a Mumbai based tarot card counselor, healer and tutor for 16+ YEARS. She holds her interest towards the occult sciences way back from the year 2000.

A learned in tarot reading, the crystal healing and the WICCA; Kimiya has done certification courses of PYRA VASTU from Prof. Jiten Bhatt and, is a certified Hypnotherapist as well as a ThetaHealing Practioner from the Institute of Think (USA).

In 2016, Kimiya Tungekar was awarded as “WICCA PAR EXCELLENCE” by the ISHMA FOUNDATION for her services in healing.

In an interview with Hale and Belle, Kimiya tells, “Tarot reading, which associates with the elemental forces (AIR, WATER, FIRE & EARTH) is a way to alter your approach towards a positive life. It has helped mankind to handle situations in a positive way and accordingly seek help towards the betterment of our lives.”

Given any situation, you can ask the Tarot what holds for you in the Future, what are you currently into, a glimpse of the past, identify the obstacle in your situation and seek guidance with a timeline prediction of days, weeks months and years.

To manifest your request, Kimiya encourages the use of crystals which work tremendously as a healer, energiser and controller. As crystals come from age old traditions, it works holistically to harmonize the mind, spirit, body and emotions.

Kimiya intends further to spread this knowledge of fortune telling to all who believe in it. It’s an interesting field to learn for your own self and for others too.

Let’s spread the magic and essence of tarot.

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