29th July to 4th August, 2018.

WEEKLY TAROT READING – 29th July to 4th August, 2018.

by Kimiya Pink Lotus


Kimiya Pink Lotus

You could come across a situation where you will feel totally exhausted or perhaps that you have lost everything. Advised to stay calm and focus on rebuilding after the storm has passed.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
It’s time to let go of instincts and be open to change. Pay attention to events that occur and stretch beyond the realm of logic.


Now is the time to transform and release hidden potentials within yourself. The future welcomes your growth.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Be optimistic. Shed away burden of fear, that weighs you down as this week could be a turning point of your life, provided you confront fearlessly.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Excellent time to make room for new. Free your past and proceed towards the future. Cut the cords that have bound you and seek your desires.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Time to share your knowledge with others. Enhance your learning and broaden your experience. Job seekers need to revise their resumes for better


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You seem to be extremely busy embracing tasks and responsibilities. You will do well in your present career as you have the required skills and you will go further successfully.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You have the power to transform, therefore invest your energies in new growth. It’s about your desire to change in life and become a more complete person. It’s a remarkable awakening. Let it happen.


Kimiya Pink Lotus






Make yourself available to the needy in terms of emotional security. Do not count on the outcome. Just be there for them.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Use your intuitions, let go of ego and handle situations with compassion, as you will come across a situation where you need to make a wise decision.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You could be tried and tested this week. Rise with your ability and confidence. There could be people around who would put boundaries around you, but as you are very capable, prevail against negative forces and accept challenges.


Kimiya Pink Lotus

New opportunities leading to prosperity is on your way. Financial gains through proper money management is at your advantage.


Kimiya Tungekar is a Mumbai based tarot card counselor, healer and tutor for 16+ YEARS. She holds her interest towards the occult sciences way back from the year 2000.

A learned in tarot reading, the crystal healing and the WICCA; Kimiya has done certification courses of PYRA VASTU from Prof. Jiten Bhatt and, is a certified Hypnotherapist as well as a ThetaHealing Practioner from the Institute of Think (USA).

In 2016, Kimiya Tungekar was awarded as “WICCA PAR EXCELLENCE” by the ISHMA FOUNDATION for her services in healing.

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