8th July to 14th July, 2018


by Kimiya Pink Lotus


Kimiya Pink Lotus

The week ahead sees a transition from your current Financial state towards a new progressive way. Those having jobs could seek a change for better prospects. Now is the time.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
If you have been approaching financial resources, you will come across a lot of options,but Tarot advices you to explore all the options that come your way in a wise manner.


Waiting for blocked money,then this week will be a respite as you will be able to get it, however it could be only a small amount. Accept it.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You need to be careful this week in regards to your finance dealings. Possibilities are that there could be evil intentions of the people you are dealing with.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You need to be alert as far as your finances are concerned, as tarot says you could be cheated in your dealings or there could be thefts in your money transactions.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Wonderful week ahead for those who have been waiting money flow. You will see positive signs by the end of the week.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Yes, a lot of your money has been blocked but this week will open up the doors for you by many but not all.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
You are expecting your dues from many, but people who owe you have no intentions to do so, tarot advices you to take the initiative to get to them. Things will need to be done with a little of arm twisting or by being diplomatic.


Kimiya Pink Lotus






If you are in a confused state of mind in taking decisions about your finances, your tarot advices you to seek guidance from elders to explore better options.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Take the offer that is coming your way. You seem to be rigid now. Tarot says open your arms to what is coming your way.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Awesome time for a healthy change. Your transition period has begun for better prospects. Move head strong.You will get noticed for your work resulting in paving a path for a hike in current financial status.


Kimiya Pink Lotus
Give advice to the ones who come to you for guidance as they trust you. For the ones who are seeking financial advice, tarot guides you to obey your elders or may be even spiritual leaders.


Kimiya Tungekar is a Mumbai based tarot card counselor, healer and tutor for 16+ YEARS. She holds her interest towards the occult sciences way back from the year 2000.

A learned in tarot reading, the crystal healing and the WICCA; Kimiya has done certification courses of PYRA VASTU from Prof. Jiten Bhatt and, is a certified Hypnotherapist as well as a ThetaHealing Practioner from the Institute of Think (USA).

In 2016, Kimiya Tungekar was awarded as “WICCA PAR EXCELLENCE” by the ISHMA FOUNDATION for her services in healing.

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