The Ultimate Hair Color Guide You Would Want to Read Before Your Next Appointment

Now is the time you need not hold out against your temptation to mane makeover – a savage new trend of creamy caramels and the vibrant violets are awaiting your dive into them. Hale and Belle gets you an ultimate guide to the hair color trends, facilitating you into a brighter and bolder future.


Get knack of the superlative hair color vocabulary so you can convey your call to your hairstylist more precise.

1. Babylights:

The delicate, super-fine blended highlights; babylights mimic the subtleness. The higlights being soft, there is no clear demarcation you can see with the new hair growth – making babylights ideal for use around the face ao there’s no visible growth.

2. Hyper Natural:

It’s the hair color technique that gives you a no-colored-hair look – ideal for a seamless grey coverage.

3. Gloss:

The technique is like a top coat for the hair.

4. Glaze:

Glazing is more or less similar to gloss, however, with more color tone.
Balayage: It’s the trending hair color technique that’s created by painting the color directly onto the hair instead of using foil.

5. Contouring:

It’s a custom-made technique to frame the face or add color to the hair lengths creating an illusion to a longer looking face, accentuated or softened facial features, et cetera. Just like makeup contouring, hair contouring is all done depending upon an individual’s face shapes and the features.


Hale and Belle’s pick: Hyper natural has to be the strongest contender for the latest hair trends – it’s the hair color technique whereby three different color tones are blended together to give an appearance of no-hair-color look.

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Hale and Belle considers this color technique of adding on the violet pops of color an ideal pick for long hair.


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This is a complicated version of balayage. Hereby, the super-fine painted highlights looks like they’re naturally created by the Sun. An ideal complement for the Indian summer and skin.


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Front and center in the hair color trend, smokey brunette are edgier than the everyday warm honey highlights. And, they are amazing. To neutralize any unwanted shade of orange or red, painting ashy tones on the dark hair is the key.


Screenshot this guide before getting in that salon chair.

The kinder is your hair care regime in theory, the less has to be the color fade or the oxidation. If you did invest your time and money in your color, look after your manes. It is always recommended to use a hair mask once in a week to top up the hydration levels.

Hair color is a commitment, and so adopting a trend as fresh as a daisy right from the runway may be superfluity. Weave a little of the season inspiration into everything you do – even an abstruse change can give you a fresh feel. Dare to experiment. There are a wide range of choices to settle on; add a new fun with the semi-permanent colors that wash out in a month or two, giving you a commitment-free zeal of something fresh and new.

Seasons do matter. While the deepened base colors work out a cool choice in the summer, lightening others in the winter looks phenomenal.

As a general thumb rule, having bolder color placement on the shorter hair is as remarkable as the free-flowing color on the longer hair.

Hale and Belle
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