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BEAUTY HAIR Product Reviews

Product Review: St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil is notable for its efficiency in providing moisturization, hydration, and nourishment to hair. Argan Oil, also known as “Liquid Gold” or “Wonder Oil” is obtained from the kernels of Morocco’s Argan Tree. This is why it is known as Moroccan Argan Oil. The Moroccan Argan Oil is packed richly with nutrients, vitamins, …


How to Take Care of the Keratin Treated Hair

It is quiet apparent about your hairstylist giving you sufficient tips on how to take care of your keratin treated hair. Nevertheless, we ought to throw light at the gaffes that you probably might not take care enough of. 1. Using the Drugstore Shampoos: Your freshly keratin treated hair calls you for utmost care. You …

Regrow hair naturally

DIY: How to Stop Hairfall and Regrow Hair Naturally

Traction Alopecia is referred to a gradual hair loss that’s caused primarily by tight face lift ponytails, the braids, or the use of barrettes. For the pulling force by certain hairstyles causes the hairline recession, the bald spots crops up. If you’re troubled with those bald spots or the thinning hair that’s falling out, or …