Our Beauty Blogger Kicks the Tire of the Students at Lakme Academy, Tilak Nagar

At this time of the year, our complexion takes a rough knocking from the harsh summer heat. The weather and then the pollution of Kanpur, it do takes a heavy toll on our skin. Now it was a time to revive and pamper the skin with a facial, to get it thoroughly cleansed and moisturized.

It was at this high-high time that Lakme Academy invited Hale and Belle’s Beauty Blogger, Neisha Arora, to come and kick the tires of their students.

Read more to know the experience with Lakme Academy as narrated by our Beauty Blogger and Influencer, Neisha Arora :

At first, the student / therapist, ‘Sapna Singh’ asked me about my skin type and the conditions. She took a close look at it to find blocked pores, blackheads, white heads and all. Here, it was decided that the Basic Facial for my combination skin type was indeed a way to go, to help clear out the pores and nourish and revive my skin.

After this, things were down to the business of a serious relaxation. The spa treatment was performed in their skin lab. Left for a few minutes to change down to a robe, I was asked to lie down under a blanket on the spa treatment bed.

Sapna explained the facial stages / steps to me as we went along. She started off with Lakme Cleansing Gel and then she moved on to toning with a soothing toner followed by a gel-based exfoliator.

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After this, toner was again applied to my face and the neck; and then came the product bomb – the Perfect Radiance Capsule. This product was layered with a lightening gel.

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She then showed to my face the galvanic machine, to ensure the product penetrates deep into the skin in a much healthy way than by rubbing it into the skin, explained the therapist. Also, she said – “the use of the galvanic machine may leave you with a tingling or a slight shocking sensation or may be a metallic taste in your mouth.” However, I felt all perfectly normal.

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The lightening gel was then wiped off. Steaming was the next step here. The steam applied to my skin was to help my pores open up so the skin can be deeply extracted and rid off the black and the white heads.

Post this, a gentle face massage using a cream based product followed up.

Now was the time to mask. An aloe vera gel together with a skin brightening face mask was applied.

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The concerned therapist explained that the mask in action is also known as a quick glow mask – packed with grapeseed extract, menthol and titanium dioxide. The mask did tingle my face, but not unpleasantly. Whilst the mask was left to dry off, I relaxed.

The spa, then, was wrapped up by removing the face mask that was on. As the quick glow mask was removed, my skin felt soft, supple and nicely nourished and moisturized. The therapist then applied a day cream with SPF 30 on my face – effective in protecting the skin from dirt, pollution and UV rays while helping maintain a soft clear complexion.

This 60-minutes beauty ritual winded up with a therapeutic back massage.

Here, when we were done with the facial treatment, she sanitized my hands with Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer.

At the end of my 60-minutes long treatment, I can say how truely pampered my skin felt. Lakme Academy, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur is undoubtedly doing superb in bringing up smart and insightful skin care professionals and experts.

Hale and Belle’s Verdict:

What’s Hot? The beauty ritual removed all the skin dullness.
What’s Not? The 60-minutes beauty ritual does not show up with immediate results.

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