What’s My Face Shape?

Whether it is about determining the right technique to do the makeup, the hairdo that would suit you best, or the glasses that would look good on you; face shapes play an important role. If you can figure out your face shape, you can do it all right. Read more to know what your type of face shape is like.

Diamond Face Shape:

Image Source: Mandymccullough

You’ve got a diamond face shape if:

  1. Your hairline is narrow than your cheeks.
  2. You’ve a slightly pointed chin.
  3. Your face is longer than been widened.

Heart Face Shape:

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

You’ve got a heart face shape if:

  1. Your cheeks are wider than your hairline
  2. You’ve a narrow and pointed chin
  3. Also, a real heart-shaped face, most of the times, has a widow’s peak too (i.e. a V-shaped hair growth towards the center of a forehead).

Oblong Face Shape:

Image Source: Pinterest

You’ve an oblong shaped face if:

  1. Your face is twice as long as it’s in width.
  2. You have no major points along your jawline, chin, or your hairline.

Oval Face Shape:

Image Source: BeautyEditor

You’ve an oval shaped face if:

  1. Your face is one and a half times longer than it is wide.
  2. There are no major points along the jawline, chin, or the hairline.
  3. Your face resembles to an upside-down egg.

Rectangle Face Shape:

Image Source: Byrdie

You’ve a rectangle shaped face if:

  1. Your jawline and hairline equates together.
  2. Your face is more into length than width.

Round Face Shape:


    Image Source: BeautyEditor

You’ve a round shaped face if:

  1. The length of your face equates to its width.
  2. There are no major points along the jawline, chin, or hairline.

Square Face Shape:

Image Source: Getty Images

You’ve a square shaped face if:

  1. The length and width of the face are equating.
  2. The width of your jawline and hairline are in equation.

Now that you know what type of face shape you got, you can learn more on How to Contour and Highlight According to Your Face Shape. If you found this helpful, do not forget to leave your views in the comment box below. Your view counts A LOT!

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