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silky hair

5 Organic Hair Masks for Soft and Silky Hair

We all crave for those soft and silky hair through which we can smoothly run our fingers. If that’s what you too want, look nowhere else than your kitchen. Make use of these five ingredients for soft and silky hair in most safe and economical way. 1) Eggs: Enriched in protein and fatty acids, eggs …

vintage-inspired hairstyles
HAIR Makeup and Hairdo Tutorials BELLE'S SCOOP STYLE

2 Vintage-Inspired Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day Date

Love is in the air… Err! hair. Carry yourself in any of these two gorgeous  vintage-inspired hairstyles on your valentine’s day date with a bold red lipstick and a smokey eye makeup; we’re pretty sure your man will drool on you! OLD HOLLYWOOD WAVES The “Veronica Lake” hairstyle has turned over a leaf as the most …