5 Face Yoga Poses for Beginners

Hale and Belle

Did you know you can tone your facial muscles right at the comfort of your home? Fishing around for the youthful and healthy skin, beauty buffs have discovered the incredible role of face yoga practice in sculpting the cheekbones. The face yoga works just as brilliant as a set of… Read More

Makeup-free Technique for Plump Lips

Did you know a little extra effort could be of help in making your look fuller even without makeup? Here’s a quick guide to assist you in achieving plump lips without makeup. The social media rage today has brought over so much of influence around what new trend to follow… Read More

Best Face Scrub for All Skin Types

While we slather moisturizers, toners and other skincare products on our face, we miss out on the fact that they would only work on the epidermis. There’s always a requirement for exfoliation to support deep cleansing of pores. Our face is exposed to dust and pollution more than any other… Read More

6 Best Under Eye Creams for Dark Circles

Eyes talk a great deal! The stressful life and the late nights could be one factor to dark circles. There is a wide array of products available in the skincare aisle, claiming to doff the dark circles. However, choosing one product, best suitable to your skin type, from a wide… Read More

8 Most Moisturizing Sunscreen for Dry Skin

If you’re facing dry and itchy skin, let’s be real – you’re most probably missing out on sunscreen. The usual thick, greasy and sticky formulas of sunscreens are potential to block skin pores, eventually leading to more irritation. The worst part, sunscreens with thicker consistency and texture will look ghost-like.… Read More

Here’s Why Neutrogena’s New Bright Boost Range is Worthwhile

Who doesn’t want to glow? And we’ll be honest, the dewy morning glow is utterly gratifying. On those glorious albeit rare days, the flawless, radiant, acne-free, well-rested and hydrated skin is apparently the sheer product of religiously followed skincare regimen the previous night. But regardless of how validating is that… Read More

Top 5 Face Toners

Face toners are quite fascinating. You must have noticed the clear or perhaps lightly tinted product packed in the slim bottles staring at you through the shelves of a local drugstore. Many people religiously use the toners merely out of skincare habit, being completely oblivious about what and how does… Read More

Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Face and Body Scrub Grit Review

Dull, insipid and drab are the clear indicators that the parched skin is longing for something more than just the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to refine its agility. A stockpile layer of dead skin tissues leads to lackluster skin with clogged pores. Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate Face and Body Scrub… Read More


Getting the hair colored simply defines the procedure as letting the chemicals seep into the locks, leaving them susceptible to dryness, brittleness, damage, and breakage. That doesn’t end here. Given no proper aftercare, the hair turns prone to being hay-like - dull and lifeless. Be it the subtle balayage or… Read More

8 Skin Care Ingredients to Hunt For in Face Serums Addressing Your Skin Concern

Serums have become the hottest addition to the skincare regimen. Those mini bottles crammed with the sublime ingredients does major miracles to the skin. However, to reap the full-fledged benefits of the serums and the active ingredients, it is important to understand their uses and benefits so you could address… Read More

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